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.Tidal Ocean Frontage

. .View of our landing and dock at low tide. All ocean frontage is tidal. Our house is on the shore of a relatively flat estuary, so about 1/2 the time we have direct access to the water, and the other 1/2 we have muddy tidal flats. In the summer, low tides tend to be in the morning to mid-day, so you can almost always put the canoe directly in the water in the late afternoon or evening -- a delightful time for paddling with the setting sun. At lower tides, it's still possible to take the canoe out if you don't mind dragging it across the slippery mud to the water's edge.
. Also, the estuary has very little ordor, no matter what the tide. Like other estuaries the decay process is going on under the surface, so you can raise a little rotten egg odor by romping around on a warm day. Our children used to enjoy this immensely, and we don't do this as often as we should.